Here’s the confirmed seed order from AGRESTAL ORGANIC HERITAGE SEED CO.

1 pack of each of the following:

  • Sugar Snap (peas)
  • Climbing French Canadian Wonder (beans)
  • Flame (lettuce)
  • Striato d’Italia Zucchini
  • Red Kuri (squash)
  • Sweet Basil
  • Danvers 126 (carrots)
  • Anita’s Wedding (sunflowers for the kids)
  • Santo Coriander
  • Ladybird (poppies for the front)

All certified organic. Now to figure out when to plant each one.


Well, I placed my seed order. Now to plan out the strip. It’s gonna be busier than Vegas on a Friday night of a gamblers’ convention, minus the neon lights. Although, maybe I can rig up some Christmas lights along the fence for those late August nights. That means I have to take them off the roof and then I have to get the ladder and it’s pretty high and kinda icy right now.

Back to the real problem. How am I going to squeeze in beans, peas, tomatoes, squash, carrots, lettuce and sunflowers?

Lush strip of vegetable-bearing jungle.

This snow-covered strip of barren earth has no idea what it’s in for. My grandiose scheming has begun. The wheels are turning. Highly-Confidential Operation Project Garden Plan has been initiated. The seeds are sown. Well, actually they aren’t yet. Kinda need less frost, I think.


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